Zodiac RIBs

All of IBC's Zodiac RIB hulls are made in America.

RIBs, known as rigid inflatable boats, rigid hull inflatable boats, or RHIBs, are boats with inflatable collars or tube sets around the perimeter of the hull. RIBs are virtually unsinkable and suitable for use in all sorts of conditions. RIBs are the most versatile boats available and are extensively used as rescue boats, patrol boats, work boats,military boats, as tenders to yachts and superyachts, and as general purpose all round cruising, and fishing or dive boats.






 Demanding boaters use Zodiac RIBs and tubesets exclusively. With over 100 years of making inflatables under their belt Zodiac represents the bleeding edge of inflatable boat technology. Often imitated but never duplicated Zodiac's proprietary materials and manufacturing techniques stand alone setting the Gold Standard in boat design and manufacturing.