Avon / Zodiac Milpro Super Pro River Raft UAB

Last One!

Size does matter!

You are going big on this model no ands, ifs, or buts!

Want to take 16 people?

No problem there's room for 16 + gear too, or if you need to float a ton or so of cargo this one asks for more please.

UAB= Ultimate Adventure Boat and IBC is your Sole Source for these incredibly robust and capable river rafts by AVON/ZODIAC MILPRO (military and professional).

You don't have to be a River Guide or Special Forces Commando to appreciate the quality and worksmanship that goes into each and every AVON Raft. Now available to the public, the Superpro Professional is 18' of ultr heavy duty for any white water mission anywhere in the world.

Own the king own the legend!

The SuperPro is the largest Avon self-bailer. Its superior handling characteristics whilst carrying large cargo in heavy water conditions has made the SuperPro a favorite among outfitters.   

Last One!

Standard Features

  • Light grey Hypalon fabric
  • Anti chafe strip floor and tube
  • Thwart system (RAS TM)
  • Self-bailing inflatable floor
  • Bow lift handles
  • Side lift handles
  • Stainless steel D rings
  • Rubstrake

The Avon Superpro Professional UAB is constructed out of genuine Avon Hypalon (the gold standard in hyplaon fabrics) and a new urethane floor fabric for enhanced abrasion resistance in the most extreme environments.
The base fabric is made of polyester (competition uses polyamide), which is less sensitive to stretch but requires skillful experience during the assembly process. The result is a stiffer, more responsive boat that performs and tracks better than other HypalonTM boats.

Buoyancy Tube

  • Fabric: Neoprene/CSM 1670 Decitex Navy Grey
  • Top anti-chafe: Neoprene/CSM 1100 Decitex Military Grey 2Ea.
  • Carrying handles 4Ea.
  • Bow and stern lift handles 2Ea.
  • Stainless "D" Rings 16Ea.
  • Underside anti-chafe 1670 Decitex TPU Black 2Ea.
  • Leafield Inflation/Deflation C7 Valves 4Ea.

Thwarts 2Ea.


  • Leafield Inflation/Deflation C7 Valves 1Ea.
  • Leafield A6 Relief Valve 1Ea.
  • Self-bailing

Capacity to ISO6185/Part1

  • Maximum number of persons 16
  • Maximum load 3505 lbs
  • Chambers 4+1+2


  • Length Over All (LOA) 17'11"
  • Inside length 14'5"
  • Overall width 8'2"
  • Inside width 53"
  • Buoyancy Tube Diameter 22"
  • Weight 205lbs.
  • Kick/Rocker (Bow/Stern) 35.8"


5 Year warranty




  • Item #: AVBWW-V30733
  • Manufacturer: Zodiac MILPRO

Avon / Zodiac Milpro Super Pro River Raft UAB

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