Bombard AX1 Inflatable Boat

The ever popular Bombard AX1 known the World over as "The Dinghy" is always in very high demand. Constructed with welded seams and recessed valves this boat has more miles at sea than any other.In many countries the inflatable boat is simply called a "Bombard" because of this little grocery getter.It serves the purpose of dinghy,fishing boat, tender, and passport to fun and adventure.

Having a weight of only 33 lbs. this one simply unrolls and inflates setting the standard for all other roll up boats to follow.

Overall length of 6'7" (2 meters)

Overall Beam 3'9" (1.15 meters)

Capacity of 2 persons

2 Chambers

Short Shaft

3Hp max

Stowed Dimensions 2'6" x 1'6" x 9"


  • Item #: BOMAX1
  • Manufacturer: Bombard

Bombard AX1 Inflatable Boat

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