Hand Operated Bilge Pump

The Beckson 124PF hand operated bilge pump is the "Mustard" when it comes to pumping bilges,voids,and flooded spaces.Small enough to fit just about anywhere but big enough for when you're in deep doo. Boaters worldwide have always known they need one of these. Can pump water,oily waste,fuel, pea soup or just about anything else you need to get out og those hard to reach or liquid filled spaces.

No batteries required!

The perfect addition to any boat operating in stormy seas, wind chop or just sitting out in the rain collecting water.

A favorite item for NW Boaters where it rains 24/7 in the off season.

Comes with hose kit and removable foot.

  • Item #: BEC124PF-BULK
  • Manufacturer: Beckson

Hand Operated Bilge Pump

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