Inflatable Beach Launching Roller

Inflatable Beach Launching Rollers enable beaching and launching operations when the weight of the boat or shoreline isn't condusive to wheels or trailers.

By distributing the weight of the vessel over a greater area the tubes prevent sinking into the soft sand or mud and greatly reduces impact on sensitive eco systems.

Very popular in high lattitudes and remote locations because of their light weight and ablility to be deflated and easily stowed.

Straps on ends make attaching the tubes to piers and landings a breeze for fending vessels off of hard surfaces.

Special Order Item allow 2 weeks for shipping.

Works best with multiple rollers.


  • 5 feet long
  • Halkey Roberts Valve
  • PVC fabric
  • 9 inch diameter

  • Item #: IBCAEREBLR5-13191259

Inflatable Beach Launching Roller

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