Zodiac FC530 Futura Commando Inflatable Boat

The Zodiac FC530 Futura Commando makes marine based ops easy work. The Zodiac FC530 (shown with IBC underwater cache removable console and bolster system) is thee go to model for operators needing a bit more carrying capacity for larger teams or cargo load outs. Able to be deployed from Aircraft, Submarines/SDV Lockout, RAMS System, et.al from over the horizon means clandestine/covert missions can be carried out with high speed, secrecy and surprise. Suitable for underwater cache for covert INFIL/EXFIL and able to carry HALO gear, SCUBA gear, and DEMO gear at the same time.

(government agencies only)

Custom IBC SPECIAL OPERATIONS CONSOLE SYSTEM available upon request.

You must spec/select your floor system (RIGID Aluminum or Rollup) upon time of ordering or no floor will be provided.

The Zodiac FC530 is a favorite for SPECIAL FORCES and Military Dive Lockers through out the community.


  • length 17'5"
  • beam 7'
  • weight empty 397lbs.
  • persons 12
  • payload 3725lbs.
  • minimum recommended hp 50
  • max hp 40hp X 2
  • shaft length long

Video of Zodiac MILPRO FC 580

  • Item #: Z80915
  • Manufacturer: Zodiac MILPRO

Zodiac FC530

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