Zodiac MK2 Heritage Classic HD

 Very Limited Supplies!

Why buy a bare boat and add all the accessories when you can get it all for less with the Limited Release MK2 Heritage Classic?

Don't want to run the steering wheel, dash, and bow dodger? Simply unzip it and run it with a Long Shaft Tiller.

Everything is included for you to use or not use in the Zodiac MK2 Heritage Classic  bare boat package.

Can be used as a deluxe run about one day or a dirty crabbing boat the next with only a few simple tools and a few free minutes to convert it to tiller outboard use.

Fast, flexible, and fun!

The Zodiac MK2 Heritage Classic is a boat that harkens back to the days when cruising under the sun was an event not to be missed. With it's modern materials and genuine French Zodiac Construction the MK2 Heritage Classic will do what you ask of it while delivering performance that will turn heads.

We have a small offering of these boat only packages, the rest will be rigged for fun by our master mechanic Chris so act now or missout on a smoking deal.

  • Item #: MK2HERIBO
  • Manufacturer: Zodiac

Zodiac MK2 Heritage Classic HD Collector's Edition Boat Only

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